With the San Diego Comic Con starting up next week, studios have already been doing their best to get us ready. First their was the release of the Green Lantern photos, then came the newest Thor image, and now the first stills from Priest have hit the web.

SlashFilm has received five photos from the upcoming Paul Bettany action vehicle, which sees the British actor playing a man of the cloth going against church wishes and battling vampires to get back his kidnapped niece. While the photos do provide our first look at the characters played by Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q and Lily Collins, there is one thing that is blatantly missing: vampires. Sure, watching Bettany ride a motorcycle and Maggie Q walk away from fire is nice, but this is a movie about doing battle with bloodsuckers and that portion of the film isn't present at all in these photos. Hopefully that's something they will rectify when every journalist in the world heads down to America's Finest City next week.

Check out the images below or head over to SlashFilm to see them in their highest resolution.

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