Marvel's Rumored Vision Series Apparently Moving Forward, But What Will It Be About?

White Vision in WandaVision's finale
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Shortly after WandaVision finished its run as the debut Marvel series on Disney+, rumors began to circulate that Vision would get his own Disney+ series as a follow up. While the series has yet to be announced by Marvel, a brand new rumor seems to indicate that the series is, in fact, moving forward, which raises all sorts of interesting questions about the future of Vision in the MCU.

In a recent edition of The Hoit Mic, it was reported that a writers’ room will be assembled as early as next week to begin work on a new Vision series. The show apparently already has a title, which may give us a hint as to what the series will be about. It will be called Vision Quest.

Vision Quest was the name of a short story arc of West Coast Avengers comics that included some elements that we already saw take place in WandaVision. In the story Vision is disassembled and rebuilt as a completely white version of himself, and reactivated without his memories.

When we last saw Vision in the MCU he was flying off after seemingly having his memory restored by the version of the Vision that Wanda created with the Mind Stone. Assuming that’s where Vision’s story picks up, the “quest” in question could take Vision in a couple different directions. It could be a quest for Vision’s own identity as he comes to terms with who and what he currently is. Is he really Vision? The Ship of Theseus question could work as the foundation for a whole series.

Alternatively, we could see Vision go on a quest to find Wanda. She seemingly died at the end of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but nobody is ever truly dead in comic book stories, and we certainly never saw her body, so her survival is possible and we could see a series where Vision tries to figure out what happened to her. At this point, it's difficult to see a place for a Vision return in the upcoming Marvel movies, so seeing the return happen on Disney+ certainly makes sense.

In its own way, since Vision has yet to return to the MCU since WandaVision, then Vision Quest sounds like it would essentially be Season 2 of WandaVsion since it will pick up his story from there. It’s a different enough story that it needs its own title, but if this comes together it may give us a hint of how additional seasons of several Disney+ series could come to fruition.  

Of course even if this report about a writers’ room coming together is true, that doesn’t mean this is a show we’ll ever see. The fact that Marvel Studios hasn’t confirmed that this show is coming, despite Disney making lots of huge announcements at both SDCC and D23 Expo, it could indicate this more of an exploratory idea. Maybe, if the writers’ room has trouble coming up with a story, the whole idea could be scrapped. 

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