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We complained when the last batch of Transformers: Dark of the Moon images came out that they weren't quite as action-packed as we'd hoped for. Apparently Michael Bay and the Paramount promotional team were listening, as the latest batch of images to come out today includes one of Shia LaBeouf sliding off a building. It's probably from a scene we've seen hyped in many of the trailers, in which a Decepticon wraps itself around a Chicago skyscraper and folds it in half. But it still looks cool even in stills form, no?

Check out the five new images below, and click on them to see them even bigger in our full gallery, which seemingly gets bigger by the day. Transformers: Dark of the Moon opens on June 30, when it will either fulfill Michael Bay's promise to be better than the second Transformers and make a ton of money, or be just as terrible and make a ton of money anyway. Only one of those situations is a win-win, and I'm afraid to predict which it might be. If you're already convinced you want to see it, though, tickets are now available for sale here and here.