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Tonight has been one of the biggest nights for DC in recent memory. Not only have we seen the latest trailer for Suicide Squad, and our first look at 2017's Wonder Woman, but also we finally have our first look at The Flash as he will appear in the DC Cinematic Universe. Ezra Miller’s version of Barry Allen, aka The Flash, has thus far been one of the more elusive members of the forthcoming Justice League. But tonight, we finally have a clear view of the look Warner Bros. wants to achieve with the Scarlet Speedster. Check it out below.

As you can see in the Tweet from Superhero Feed, the filmmakers have kept the appearance of the suit relatively consistent with what fans have come to expect from The Flash. It’s crimson with the typical cowl, concealing his face – and therefore his identity – with the hero’s traditional lightning bolt symbol displayed across the chest. It’s also worth noting that within the image we can see The Flash surrounded by what seems like a visual representation of a sonic boom. Clearly, the film-makers want us to know right off the bat just how fast this man really is.

One noteworthy deviation from fan expectations seems to be the effects associated with the hero. While The Flash often has lighting surrounding him as he runs, this photo appears to show him engulfed in flames. Whether or not these flames are part of the environment, or generated as a result of speed-induced friction, remains a mystery. Either way, we have to admit all of it looks pretty badass. By comparison to the current TV iteration of The Flash, the suit seems somewhat bulkier and more metallic in texture. Grant Gustin’s suit has held up surprisingly well over the one and a half seasons that The Flash has been on the air, but I think we can all agree that the TV suit still looks a little hokey at times.

The closest comparison we can make is the suit worn by The Flash in the wildly popular Injustice: Gods Among Us video game, which also featured a harder, more metallic looking suit.

Based on the appearance of the silver screen Flash, it appears that the filmmakers want to go all in with their budget and create a Flash suit that appears durable enough to take on the villains the Justice League will face off against. At the same time, the new suit still appears streamlined enough to sell the idea that it's worn by the fastest man alive. Overall that look seems to mesh with the description given by Miller himself a few months ago when he described it as "post-apocalyptic" in appearance. Let's hope there isn't an catastrophe to match the suit's appearance just yet.

This may have been our first glimpse at the iconic speedster, but it won’t be the last. Ezra Miller will premiere as The Flash when Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice lands in theaters on March 25, with his solo film arriving on March 3, 2018.