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Flypaper Trailer Has Two Sets Of Criminals Robbing The Same Bank

We've all seen your standard bank robbery movie. You have the smart, well organized criminals and you have the scared hostages. Depending on what movie you're watching, sometimes you're hoping that that the folks in masks get away with the money and sometimes you're hoping they get brought to justice. So what happens when you bring in a second group of bank robbers? Well, you get Flypaper.

The first trailer for the heist comedy, starring Patrick Dempsey, Ashley Judd, Tim Blake Nelson and Mekhi Phifer, has arrived online. Written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (the guys who wrote The Hangover), the film is about a man trapped in a bank when two groups of criminals - one highly trained and professional, the other bumbling and idiotic - try and rob the bank at the same time. Grasping an opportunity, he tries to make it so that both teams get what they want and nobody has to die. Unfortunately, it seems that there's another plan in motion at the same time.

Check out the trailer below or in HD over on Yahoo!

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