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Those familiar with ABC's family-focused comedy The Middle may recognize a familiar voice among the cast of Tim Burton's upcoming 3D stop motion-animated comedy horror Frankenweenie. Two clips have arrived online which give us a look at the character voiced by young Atticus Shaffer, who's likely best known for his role as the youngest Heck, Brick, in The Middle.

Inspired by Frankenstein, Tim Burton's Frankenweenie follows young Victor (Charlie Tahan), a boy who loses his dog Sparky and uses the power of science to bring him back to life. It seems that miracle was something he was hoping to keep a secret, because he doesn't seem very thrilled in the clip below, which has Shaffer's Edgar revealing that he knows about the dog.

Edgar appears to be a troublesome little Igor-ish guy (in need of some serious dental work). The next clip, which comes courtesy of iTunes, has Edgar finding a new test subject on which Victor can experiment.

The clip ends with Edgar promising to keep his mouth shut about Victor's secret, but the way he crossed his fingers behind his back. Sneaky Edgar! Something tells me he won't simply be whispering that secret to his chest (Middle joke!). In fact, one of the last clips we shared showed a serious pet problem in the neighborhood. Piecing these clips together, it might not be a far stretch to suggest that Edgar is the one that lets the (reanimated) cat out of the bag.

Frankenweenie arrives in theaters October 5. More information can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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