Today has been a great day for people looking forward to Tim Burton's Frankenweenie. In addition to hosting a huge panel in Hall H, the film also released a badass new trailer that's made to look like a preview for one of the classic Universal monster movies. And here's hoping you're not sick of hearing about the boy who resurrected his dog, because we have more coming your way!

Following the Hall H panel, producers Don Hahn and Allison Abbate (both of whom also worked with Burton on The Nightmare Before Christmas) as well as young star Atticus Shaffer (who plays the young, Igor-like character Edgar in the movie) were kind enough to participate in a press line and talk to reporters, and fortunately I was there eagerly waiting to talk with them. Check out the interview below in which the producers discuss the best parts of working on a grueling, time-consuming stop-motion animation project, and the actor talks about getting animated in the recording studio and learning how to do a spot-on Peter Lorre impression.

Allison Abbate and Don Hahn

Atticus Shaffer

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