If you got a little seasick watching the bootleg version of the Scream 4 trailer that aired during the Scream Awards over the weekend, don't worry, so were we. Finally a high quality version of the teaser trailer has emerged online, which isn't just way easier to watch, but has bits of new footage and feels much more like an actual trailer than a random assemblage of images.

They do a nice job of combining both the jokey and horror elements of Scream franchise in the trailer, with Rory Culkin's character explaining that the horror rules have changed-- virgins can die now, the killer would be recording all his victims, and the kills have to be a lot bigger to keep the audience interested. We then, of course, see clips from the film that prove Scream 4 will be offering all of those things, along with a whole hell ton of star cameos-- Kristen Bell and Anna Paquin close things out just sitting on the couch, being blonde and cute.

Check out the trailer below, and cross your fingers that this will be good enough to completely erase the memory of this weekend's My Soul To Take, which has plenty of us wondering if Wes Craven's still got it.

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