It's a risky move to promote your movie by trying to get the bad guys to recruit audiences, because come on, who wants to see a movie and root for the bad guys? But apparently the world of G.I. Joe is so fun that you want to fight for both sides, or maybe a bunch of fans just really want the chance to attack Channing Tatum, because the latest rounds of ads for G.I. Joe: Retaliation have all been focusing on Cobra, the group of supposed bad guys our heroes will be fighting.

Want to work for Cobra? Well, after watching this recruitment video posted at, you probably will:

If this spot got your blood pumping, you can go to the website to find a list of "Cobra Events Near You," which is largely a bunch of road races-- maybe Cobra representatives will be on hand to time your wind sprints? Honestly, I can't entirely make sense of what these vitals are supposed to tell us about the joie, or how getting involved in Cobra will reward the fans who get into it, but that's what you get with viral marketing-- sometimes it feels instinctive, and sometimes it's a bit more difficult to unravel. And at least in this case, it's trying to get you to team up with a bunch of villains.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation, after what seemed like an endless delay, is finally coming to theaters on March 29. You can click here for everything else we know about it, or jump in the comments to let us know why you want to join the Cobra forces.

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