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When Michael Cera says “indie” he means “indie.” His new film, Paper Hears is so far underground that not even IMDBpro knows about it. THR reports sellers even calling it “The one,” must see festival film. Looks like little George Michael Bluth has some big shoes to fill.

Paper Hearts will debut at Sundance. It boasts a few of the Judd Apatow crew and features Cera playing… Michael Cera? THR claims that the film is part documentary and part drama. Cera and real life girlfriend, Charlyne Yi (Knocked Up) will co-star with one another as lovers. Although the the Hearts story has just broken, the expectations for the film are scarily high due to Apatow ingredient and due to the fact that it has no distributor. The film will enter Sundance on sale.

With the success of basically any Apatow stamped movie, and the indie cred of Cera’s last endeavor Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Hearts might just be a match made in deadpan comedy docu/drama heaven (whatever that looks like). The film will be directed by Nicholas Jasenovec, a serious newb who hasn’t directed a film since his debut, Sounds Good To Me: Remastering the Sting, back in ’04. However, he did act in Superbad in ’07, which is indicative that he just might be an Apatowian at this point.

Let me just say that I hate the title. Paper Hearts sounds like a lifetime movie of the week, or a Diane Lane tear-jerker. And, if they don’t mix in some of Cera’s amazing ad lib deadpan comedy (on display in his 2006 TV show, Clark and Michael) it sounds like it might be a mushy bust with too much indie music. Either way, Cera is going to have a great ’09. He’s set to star in the upcoming Arrested Development film, the Scott Pilgrim movie and the much anticipated Youth in Revolt.

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