George W. Bush Arrested In A Bar Fight!

Dude, Colin Powell and George W. Bush got into a bar fight! Tired of fighting Iraqis overseas, the Secretary of State and the President himself have moved into causing trouble in Shreveport, Louisiana, and were arrested at a bar called the Stray Cat early Saturday morning.

OK, OK, the actual political figures weren’t arrested. Rather, it was Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright, who are playing Bush and Powell, respectively, in Oliver Stone’s W. Apparently on a night out after a day on the set, the two interfered when a crew member, Eric Felland, was being arrested for fighting. Variety says that Brolin and Wright were charged with interfering with police, and both posted just over $300 in bail to leave custody the same night. Well, not before they posed for mugshots, all of which are available at the local paper’s website, The Shreveport Times. That’s Brolin you see up at right, who apparently has gone bald so he can wear wigs that make him look like Bush throughout the years.

Ah, you’ve gotta love it when Hollywood types come out and hang out amongst us normal people ,and then get into fights. Celebrities—they’re just like us! Other than being glad that Josh Brolin is just as badass as Llewellyn Moss, I’m not particularly excited or upset by this news. Maybe if Brolin had been wearing his George W. Bush costume the photo opportunities would have been fantastic. But mainly this is a story about two guys who happen to be famous sticking up for a friend—albeit in a misguided, law-breaking way. You know, just like the way the Bush administration covers up for its cronies! Zing!

(Addendum: Please don’t take political jokes too seriously. We are a movie site. You know that.)

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend