We've heard about a number of Tarzan projects in development over the last couple of years, from the one that Black Snake Moan director Craig Brewer wants to make to the version that Harry Potter filmmaker David Yates is interested in doing. One that may beat them all to the box office, however, is a new motion-capture take starring Kellan Lutz And Spencer Locke.

The project was announced this past May when it was revealed who the stars would be and that Reinhard Kloos would be co-directing. Obviously a entirely CGI movie takes a lot of time to make, but somehow the project already has a European teaser trailer.

The preview was found on YouTube, and the reason it's in German is because right now that's one of the only places to have a release date established (it will be coming out there on July 25, 2013). You can watch the trailer below.

Based on the classic novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs and adapted by Klooss, Jessica Postigo, and Yoni Brenner, the film will reportedly be about Tarzan and Jane battling back against a mercenary army sent out by the CEO of the company that Tarzan's parents used to own before they died in a plane crash. In addition to Lutz and Locke, who are best known for their work in the Twilight and Resident Evil franchises, respectively, the cast also includes aime Ray Newman, Robert Capron, Mark Deklin, and Trevor St. John. The film is being shot entirely using performance capture and will be released in 3D.

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