It's that time of year again! Santa's making his list and checking it twice and so are we as we attempt to select gifts for our friends and family in anticipation of the holiday season. For those of you looking to purchase a gift for your movie-loving friend, we have a few shopping tips to keep in mind. Think you found the perfect gift for that friend who loves movies? Give this list a once-over before you complete your purchase!

I've been a movie fan all of my life and as such, I've become the girl who loves movies to many of my friends and family members. That means come holiday time, I will often receive movie-related gifts, which I always appreciate. But it can be tricky for a gift-giver to know what to get for a movie fan, regardless of how vast the gift options are. I can relate to this as both the recipient and a gift-giver. If I have a friend who loves the Dallas Cowboys, for example, my first inclination come Christmas might be to get them anything with the Dallas Cowboys logo on it. Of course, I run the risk of getting something they don't want or need, or already have. It's not all that different for movie fans.

You might think anything movie related would make a good gift, but that's not necessarily the case. So here's some hopefully helpful advice on how to shop for a movie fan. And because I won't presume to speak for all movie fans, I invite those of you who count yourselves among them to post comments with your own suggestions and advice to gift-givers looking for a great gift for their movie-fan friend.

A movie-themed board game! The perfect gift? Not necessarily.
I have a stack of these kinds of games (Scene It, Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture, etc) in a closet somewhere that have been given to me as gifts and played once or twice since (or not at all). As fun as these games can be and as much as I appreciate the sentiment, it's not always easy to find other people who enjoy them nearly as much or who are as evenly matched for the topic for the games to be any fun. So in the case of games like these, keep in mind that you're buying the recipient a board game. Unless you know they play these kinds of games and have movie fan family or friends that will be up for playing them too, you might consider something else as a gift option.

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