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Steven Soderbergh’s hard-hitting espionage thriller Haywire finally opens in theaters on Friday, and if you’ve been hanging around this site the past few months. You know that we’re big fans. Someone from the cats made it into our feature on the finest Soderbergh performances or all time! Katey Rich graded Haywire a 4-out-of-5 in her official review. Basically, we love it, and soon you’ll be able to see why. Still need an appetizer to hold you over until the main course. So greedy. Fine. Here are two new Haywire clips that recently hit the Web:

I’m not the biggest proponent of watching full clips out of context. In a perfect scenario, we’d just be able to watch the whole film from start to finish instead of the first 5 minutes of an anticipated thriller. But with Soderbergh hanging Haywire on the shoulders of an acting newcomer in Gina Carano, I guess I can understand the studio’s need to tease the style and grit of the director’s latest genre exercise.

Plus, Soderbergh surrounds Carano – a former MMA fighter – with such outstanding character actors that they’d be worth the price of admission, alone, even if Carano was a bust. (Which she isn’t.) That’s Shame star Michael Fassbender Gina’s pummeling in that hotel room above. And then that’s Michael Douglas and Antonio Banderas discussing the wrath of Carano in clip number two. You haven’t even seen Ewan McGregor, Bill Paxton and the always amazing Channing Tatum. How can you resist?