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This Girlhouse Trailer Offers Boobs And Death In Equal Measure

Home invasion thrillers are a fun genre of horror flicks, especially last year's slasher action flick You're Next. If the trailer to Girlhouse is any indication, that film might be in good company. Watch below and judge for yourself.

Thanks to JoBlo, the first trailer for Girlhouse made its way into the hands of the internet. While there's definitely a fine line this movie will be walking between trashy horror film and an exercise in female exploitation, it looks like it's going to be good old fashioned horror fun. Though expect the tagline, "Kill what you can't have," to take some heavy fire if the film is ever noticed by a wide audience. Of course, this premise does look a little bit familiar, when you really think about it. A house full of people, being webcast for all to see, with one of the viewers knowing one of participants and trying to save them.

Where have we seen this before?

If you answered Halloween: Resurrection, then pat yourself on the back... then remind yourself of the fact that you've seen Halloween: Resurrection before you get too proud. While the resemblance is undeniable, there's a more independent flavor to this movie, as well as the fact that it's unencumbered by the baggage of a bloated franchise (as well as clothing). While mainstream horror has shied away from nudity, indie horror certainly hasn't misplaced its more 80's sensibilities. Take this as you may.

What the Girlhouse trailer isn't missing is a sense of dread, as it looks to be aiming for an atmospheric experience of hell inside your own home. While you don't see it in the trailer, this looks like it's going to be as wanton about the blood as it is with the nudity, and if that's the case then this film is definitely going to play more like a throwback than a continuation of current trends. Though now that the brain has kicked in again, it has to be asked: how similar is this film going to be to Lucky Bastard, which is extremely similar, except that film used the subgenre of found footage to tell its story. You can compare the two films with the trailer above, and the Lucky Bastard trailer below.

As of yet, Girlhouse does not have a release date available, but hopefully it'll perform better than Lucky Bastard and actually have a chance to be seen by the public. If you've ever read into what happened with that film and its NC-17 rating of doom, then you can begin to see the problem.

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