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God Answers Jamie Foxx's Prayers

Jamie Foxx, the man who won an Academy Award for doing a great impersonation of Ray Charles, has once again gotten the jump on other members of Hollywood's elite. The Power of Duff, a movie so interesting that Tom Hanks, Ron Howard and Russell Crowe have all tried to get their hands on it, has finally landed in Foxx's lap.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that Foxx and his manager Jaime Rucker King have been invited to join Marc Platt to produce the film for Universal, who has already paid around $1 million for the script. Of course, as the producer, Foxx is in a nice position to put himself in first running for the lead role. Ah, the power of that Oscar statue.

The story is about a television news anchor who, following his father's death, takes up praying aloud while reading the evening news. The things he prays for begin happening leading some people to believe he's a prophet, others a fraud.

Sounds like Bruce Almighty once removed, mixed in with an episode of "Touched By An Angel" to me. I'd spring for a different title if I were them. The Power of DUff sounds better suited to docuemtary describing the unexplainable success of Disney wunderkind Hilary.