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New Godzilla Movie To Be Made With A Guy In A Rubber Suit?

It's funny to think of anyone being afraid of the old Japanese Godzilla movies. Sure, the thought of a giant monster destroying a city isn't pleasant, but the low-budget rubber suits make the films look comical by modern standards. Roland Emmerich tried to fix this by going with an entirely CGI beast in his 1998 version, but hardcore fans were unhappy with the design and the movie surrounding the monster was complete crap. Fortunately rumors now say that the next American-made Godzilla movie won't be making the same mistakes.

InfamousKidd is reporting from an unnamed inside source that the next project in the long-living franchise will feature a man in a rubber suit. As a result of Emmerich's failures, Toho Company, the studio that owns the rights to the character, is being much stricter about how the monster is being brought back to the big screen. According to the rumor, the costume will have an animatronic head touch-ups will be done with CGI in post-production. As for the design of the creature, Hector A. Arce - an artist best known for his creature/fantasy sculpture - has been hired by Legendary to design the new look. Apparently the studio was impressed by Arce's previous Godzilla design (see an image of it HERE) so one can guess that the new version will look something like that.

Before you get too excited, it should be known that it may be a while before the movie actually goes into production. The site says that Gareth Edwards, who was hired to direct the new project earlier this year, is secretly working on a project described as "robot Star Wars" and Godzilla has taken a backseat as a result. David Goyer, best known for his work on the Christopher Nolan Batman films, was hired to pen the script in July.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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