Godzilla Poster Unveiled At Comic Con

After months of rumors without anyone confirming anything, Legendary Pictures finally rose from the sea and admitted the company is making a Godzilla remake. The announcement came after the Pacific Rim presentation ended, and the news was greeted with raucous approval from the crowd in Comic Con’s Hall H. Our own Eric Eisenberg was there, and he said it was bedlam, especially after footage of the monster stomping around was played alongside a quote from Vishnu.

Following the clip, director Gareth Edwards, the dude who made Monsters, took the stage, and his passion for the project was obvious. He told fans to expect a very gritty, realistic adaptation before playing the footage one final time for fans to take in. Ordinarily, all that would be enough excitement for one day, but since it is Comic Con, the nice folks at Legendary have decided to give us one more surprise. They’ve rolled out the poster. You can take a look at all its understated glory below, courtesy of Coming Soon

There’s something really elegant about the above artwork. Ordinarily, I’m against overly simple posters, but considering what a menacing, hulking force Godzilla is, it seems appropriate for the bastard to have artwork without any bells and whistles announcing his arrival.

Thus far, Legendary hasn’t committed to a release date or even given us more information about the project, but when that becomes available in the coming months, we’ll bring it to you. Until then, find somewhere safe to hide.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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