New Godzilla TV Spot Gives Us A Look At That Handsome Devil

Well hello there, you handsome devil. With this new television ad, we get our first really good peek at the legendary Toho monster himself, the fiendish Godzilla. It looks like the big beast does not mess around, since we're getting really spooky-looking, heavy-duty damage here. Seriously, is anyone else a little uncomfortable with the visuals here? At best, this is a legit scary movie. At worst, this is a borderline traumatic experience. Forget about WB and Legendary Pictures gambling with a hefty budget: is Godzilla gonna have to give us some therapy? #demandtoknow.

This ad is also one of the few peeks at Godzilla to actually feature Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the star of the film. He hasn't yet hit the big time, and his casting in this film felt like a slightly-hopeful gesture that Kick Ass 2 wouldn't be the endofhim. That said, he's also set to pop up in next year's Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and he's a super good-looking Hollywood star, so, if Godzilla makes five dollars, we're not going to feel too bad for him. By the time the final leg of promotion kicks in about two weeks before release, it will be curious to see if they fall back on pushing the more-familiar Bryan Cranston as the leading man for this film instead, given that most people would more likely recognize Walter White over the guy who will Quicksilver next summer.

Even though there is a nice face shot of our beloved Godzilla in this spot, the ad does still play peekaboo with the legendary beast with the nuclear roar. Given that director Gareth Edwards' last film wasMonsters, a sci-fi thriller that only showed small segments of the titular aliens (for smart budgetary reasons), are we going to be refused any full-length shots of the monster in motion? The 1998 Godzilla (NEVER FORGET) had an ad campaign that actively refused to reveal him, which ended up being mostly because the design was crap and the film itself kept changing its mind on how large the behemoth really was. (His fingernail is as big as a bus stop ad, but his foot is as big as a bus?).

And what about 1998's hilarious soundtrack tie-in album, with Jamiroquai and Rage Against The Machine? Is Godzilla going to be jamming out to the Wallflowers, or what? Man, too bad we're not getting THAT this time around. Wait, are we, Warner Bros.? Do we know we will or won't yet? #DEMANDTOKNOW!