It’s almost impossible to look at the Golden Globes as anything but a marker for how the upcoming Academy Awards will go. Considering how little they utilized hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, you could hardly call it an intentionally funny three hours of television. But viewers certainly got a good idea of how the Oscar race might pan out, and not all of the winners were quite who we expected…though most of them were. I, for one, will be picketing next year’s event for not recognizing my thousands of write-ins for Keanu Reeves in 47 Ronin. Meanwhile, here are five things we learned while watching this year’s Globes.
12 years a slave
Story Trumps Direction For Best Picture
I don’t think anyone was too surprised when Alfonso Cuaron’s name was called as the Best Director for his nailbiter of an outer space thriller Gravity, as his efforts in achieving such amazing cinematography outweighed those of his competition. But Gravity didn’t take home the trophy for Best Picture, which went to Steve McQueen’s slavery drama 12 Years a Slave. That really isn’t too big of a surprise as well, as just the words "slavery drama" immediately bring the words "Oscar bait" to mind. 12 Years was a film that McQueen directed with precision, certainly, but it was the story that won the award tonight.

That said, how interesting was it that 12 Years’s story still wasn’t the most interesting one in the minds of the voters, as Spike Jonze took home the Best Screenplay trophy for his script for Her. Is there something to be read into this? Maybe so, but we don’t want to be the guys saying a story about a relationship with an electronic voice is more important than the true story of a man who lost part of his adult life to unforgivable monstrosities. We will say, however, that Gravity's Best Picture Oscar might not be as much of a guarantee as some previously thought.

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