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Brace yourself for a movie-marketing tie-in that walks the razor-thin line between movie coverage and blatant commercial propaganda. Mercedes-Benz no doubt paid a lot of money to see their cars get banged around in the latest Die Hard movie, titled A Good Day to Die Hard. But one of the perks of being a presenting sponsor of a major studio blockbuster is the ability to share a behind-the-scenes look at how your expensive automobiles were used. So while this is a commercial for both Mercedes and Die Hard, the new featurette does give some unprecedented looks at the making of the latest John McClane adventure. Peep it below:

It’s always fun to hear stunt coordinators elaborate on the different ways they’ve cooked up to destroy a vehicle. And while there is some obvious (and probably unavoidable) green-screen work on display in the clip, it primarily looks like A Good Day is relying on actual, physical stunts using life-sized cars in actual Russian environments. At one point, half of a car appears to be dropped from a mighty height, concluding in a fireball. Let’s hope it looks fantastic on screen, as well.

At one point it was being teased that there would be a massive car chase in the fifth Die Hard, one that allegedly took director John Moore more than 75 days to shoot. There is a lot of car carnage in the trailers, with Willis behind the wheel of an automobile almost as many times as he’s cracking wise. What do you think? Are you ready for yet another Die Hard movie? This one reaches theaters on Feb. 13.