A Good Day To Die Hard Teaser Trailer: Ode To Joy

Bruce Willis may be tearing up the box office right now in an original action film called Looper, but he'll be back not too long from now in a very, very familiar role. Somehow there is a fifth Die Hard movie coming next February, and a teaser for A Good Day To Die Hard has debuted online, showing off Willis back in form as John McClane… and, let's be honest, not a whole lot else. Take a look below.

In the newest movie Jai Courtney shows up to play John McClane's son Jack, but you really wouldn't know it from looking at the trailer, which focuses almost exclusively on John. That snarky line he gets at the end about New Jersey's 007 seems to be directed about his son, and that kind of line is classic John McClane, but Willis seems a little exhausted saying it. Is it just me, or is he not quite feeling like top from McClane here?

Then again, the use of a sped-up "Ode to Joy"is clever and in the spirit of the original Die Hard, which suggests that director John Moore-- previously of Max Payne and The Omen-- understands the tone of the franchise and is trying to recapture it. Beyond that, though, it's hard to know what to say, since this is a teaser in truest sense, giving us brief flashes of the action but pretty much no clue what's happening. The story this time takes place in Moscow, where the McClane family-- as they're wont to do-- get caught up fighting some mysterious bad guys. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is reprising her role as McClane's daughter from Live Free Or Die Hard, and Cole Hauser is stepping in as the baddie.

A Good Day To Die Hard opens on Valentine's Day next year, February 14. Let us know in the comments if you see any potential for good here.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend