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Looks like we made a mistake by not asking to interview Evan Goldberg at Comic Con last week. While my conversations with Seth Rogen (watch it here) and Michel Gondry (coming soon) were total thrills, neither gave me much by way of scoops about either The Green Hornet or their other projects. Screenwriter Goldberg, on the other hand, was totally forthcoming when The Playlist asked him if they were planning a Green Hornet 2: "You don’t make a movie like this without considering the sequel. Yeah, we have the whole plot planned out, which is kind of what we would have done in the first place."

That "in the first place" comment may be a nod to the fact that The Green Hornet is no longer the mid-summer tentpole release it started out as, and is something closer to a gamble as the studio plans to release it in January and in post-converted 3D. But what Goldberg says makes sense, even if none of the people in charge of the money actually believe they'll ever make a second film. If Goldberg and Rogen hadn't had a plan for a potential franchise way back in the beginning, they probably would never have gotten the job. Will we ever actually see this second planned Green Hornet? You're welcome to hold out hope all you want, but I'm staying skeptical for the moment.

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