We keep hearing reports that Warner Brothers and DC Comics are moving forward with their Green Lantern movie. Now we are hearing… the exact same thing, although this latest report confirms some of the names we had heard associated with the project before.

Writer Michael Green, who is sharing the scripting duties for Green Lantern, told Sci-Fi Wire that the project is proceeding, while he was promoting the upcoming series Kings, which he also has a hand in writing. Green confirmed the addition of director Martin Campbell to the movie, who we had last heard was in talks to helm the movie. I guess those talks panned out, since Green lists him as being the film’s director.

Green chimed in that he wants to see the movie move forward as a fan as much as a writer, because he’s a fan of the character. That’s always a good thing to have in a writer of a film adaptation. Here’s hoping the next piece of Green Lantern news we get isn’t just another “the project is moving forward” report though.

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