Grindhouse Is Graphic And Gory

Topless girls terrorized by Nazis, decapitations during oral sex, a nude cheerleader on a trampoline and an obese man chewing on a baby are just a few of the scenes you won’t likely see in the upcoming Rodriguez/Tarantino double-feature Grindhouse, reports The New York Post’s Page Six. An anonymous source for Page Six reportedly got a peak at the uncut Grindhouse. “Some of it is so graphic and outrageous for a major Hollywood studio, there's no question it's headed for an NC-17 without big cuts. [And] Some cuts definitely will have to be made. There's no question,” said the source.

Just how outrageous are we talking about? The source went into detail:

During Rob Zombie’s fake trailer for Werewolf Women of the SS, “a cute, topless girl is roughly tied down on a table by evil female Nazi experimenters who begin draining her blood and, as she screams in agony, they brand her like livestock with a coal-hot steel swastika. And every girl in the Nazi concentration camp is topless,” the source explained.

In Eli Roth’s fake trailer for Thanksgiving, “There's a part where Jordan Ladd [daughter of Cheryl Ladd of Charlie's Angels] is in a car with her boyfriend and giving him [oral sex] when she lovingly reaches to stroke his hair and discovers his neck is just a bloody stump - some maniac had just cut off his head while she was in the act,” the source continued. Later in the trailer, a trampoline-loving cheerleader strips naked and offers a “Britney Spears-getting-out-of-the-limo view.”

And those are just the fake trailers! From the sound of it, Rodriguez and Tarantino let loose on the grind house homage. If it were truly an embodiment of the grind house, they would take the NC-17 rating and run with it. Unfortunately, the Weinstein Company will need an R rating to get the film into mainstream theaters. However, that leaves the door wide open for an uncut DVD release. It might be reasonable to say that the theatrical release is just a DVD-teaser.