The success of Zack Snyder's 300 actually had a fairly significant impact on film scheduling. Released in early March of 2007, the film showed studios that there was potential in releasing blockbusters that early in the year. In fact, all but one of Snyder's projects have been released on that weekend since. But the sequel to 300, 300: The Battle of Artemisium, isn't being directed by Snyder and apparently won't even have the special release date.

Warner Bros. has announced a few new changes in their release schedule, according to THR, and one of those changes is the addition of The Battle of Artemisium for August 2, 2013. Despite the fact that it is still nearly a year and a half away the weekend is already crowded as both Smurfs 2and Red 2 are also going the early August route (three sequels in one weekend? Yikes.).

In more disappointing news, it looks like we're going to have to wait even longer before we finally get to see Guillermo Del Toro's next project. Currently in production, the film was going to be sent to theaters on May 10th - which put it between the release dates for Iron Man 3 and the Star Trek sequel - but has now been shifted to the more comfortable July 12th, where it's direct competition is...gulp...Grown Ups 2.

And while 300 isn't trying to capitalize on previous success, that doesn't mean that The Hangover Part III isn't going to. Following in the footsteps of Part II, which was released on May 26 last year, Warner Bros. has said that the next sequel will be arriving on May 24, 2013. The move means that it will be fighting with Fast and Furious 6, but don't be surprised if one of them moves before it's too late.

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