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The Harry Potter Film Fantastic Beasts Is Going To Borrow Heavily From

Next year’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is an odd film from a storytelling perspective. While it takes place in the same universe as the Harry Potter stories, it will have nearly nothing to do with them at all. It takes place decades before, on another continent. Even the terminology we were all taught in the original series will be changing up. There is something that the new movie will be borrowing from its predecessors however. Or rather, one of them. Fantastic Beasts will be taking much of its tone from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

While Goblet of Fire was the last film in the original series not directed by David Yates, who is handling the director duties on the new film as well, producer David Heyman tell Entertainment Weekly that Yates is taking his inspiration from the film directed by Mike Newell.

[Fantastic Beasts has] got the charm of the fourth. It’s like the fourth. … It has the romantic comedy, that fish-out-of-water humor, that very human, natural character comedy. And now David is always looking for truthful, human moments. It’s never just a gag, he’s grounding [the storytelling moments] in a reality. [Beasts] is very funny, it’s got a big heart, and there’s darkness too.

Looking back, we can see where the comparison is coming from. Goblet of Fire was probably the first film where we really start to see the characters growing up, after being seen as children in the first few movies. That’s likely what is meant here by the film being "human" as this was the film where the characters begin to deal with more personal issues. You have all your major characters attempting to navigate relationships and find a date for the Yule Ball. Ron and Hermione are obviously falling in love but neither one wants to admit it, an absolute necessity in any and all romantic comedies. The "fish-out-of-water" comedy really begins to build there, as well. In the first films, the humor is about Harry, who grew up without magic, not understanding the magical world. From this film forward, we get much more of the humor from magical folks not understanding how normal things work.

This news will likely mean many different things to many different Potter fans. While most people liked the series as a whole, there are very differing views as to which ones were good and which ones were not. Is a movie like Goblet of Fire a good thing or a bad thing? A funny movie with a big heart sounds very much like the sort of movie Harry Potter fans will enjoy.

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