Here's The Only Godzilla Infograph You Ever Need

Let them fight! In preparation for the home video release of Gareth Edwards’ summer tentpole Godzilla, Warner Bros. and Legendary have shared with us an exclusive infographic breaking down the key facts you need to know about Godzilla, his rival M.U.T.O., the timeline of nuclear devastation, and plenty more that die-hard Godzilla fans need to know. Click on the following image to be taken to an interactive version of the graphic, and explore til your monster heart is content.

Godzilla Infographic

Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla successfully rebooted the long-dormant monster franchise, wiping away the tainted memory of the Roland Emmerich effort and returning the King of the Monsters to his rightful place atop the creature food chain. Edwards did such a good job at rekindling interest in Godzilla that Warner Bros. and Legendary already are starting the ball rolling on Godzilla 2… but only after Edwards returns from the Star Wars galaxy, where he is expected to helm one of the planned standalone Star Wars stories.

Looking for more features from the Godzilla home video release? Warner Bros Online released a number of official clips from the film, which you can enjoy on your computer right now! Click to the next page to Watch Them Fight!

Ken Watanabe saying "Let them fight" probably helped sell a thousand additional tickets.

That clip reminds me that I wish Bryan Cranston had more screen time in Godzilla.

Instead of Aaron Taylor Johnson.

Sean O'Connell
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