Here's Why Your Favorite Disney Prince Would Make A Terrible Boyfriend

Thing all of those animated Disney princes are the ultimate dream-come-true for any single gal? Think again. The video below depicts classic Disney prince characters as they might be presented in our reality. In short: with a lot of baggage and some serious quirkiness... to put it mildly:

BuzzFeed shared the above video, which takes one single lady and puts her in the company of a number of eligible Disney princes. After a series of really weird dates, this princess is taking a page out of Elsa's book in going her own way, because "being single never bothered me anyway."

In addition to offering live-action portrayals of classic Disney princes, the video also includes dating profiles for each of the eligible bachelors. Let's appreciate the attention to detail here by taking a closer look at them, and and add some commentary on how these dates went. It all begins with Cinderella's Prince Charming...

Prince Charming

He's the kind of guy whose dad throws him a party so he can meet the (rich and beautiful) woman of his dreams. But this Cinderella's quick to make an excuse and bolt, leaving one soon-to-be Instagrammed photo behind.

And then there's Florian...


As it turns out, he's kind of creepy as he seems really eager to kiss Snow White when he thinks she's dead. Fortunately for Snow White, she's got a cell phone full of texts from seven other guys. 26 messages from sneezy? Either he's a bit over possessive or more than likely, frequent sneezing makes for a lot of accidental text-sends.

Moving on to Beauty and the Beast's Adam...


This Beast needs his space. Stay out of the bedroom, and don't mind the fact that he sometimes talks to a candle. The all-caps in his profile should be a big red flag that this guy likes to yell.

Next up, Prince Eric of The Little Mermaid...


I don't know, he seems way more familiar with and interested in his dog than he is his supposed girlfriend.

What's the problem with The Princess and the Frog's Naveen?


He just wants to work on his music. Naveen has an easier time pleasing the admirers sitting nearby than he does impressing the girl. (But he earns points in my book for the Salt-n-Pepa nod in his profile.)

Next up, there's Aladdin - aka Ali...


Ok, he's a compulsive liar who sometimes plunders, but he puts on a good show, and not a lot of guys can pull off the open-cardigan shirtless look. He loses points by making "cave of wonder" sound like it means something else.

Mulan's Shang wraps it up...


Let's get down to business here, because what girl doesn't want a guy to make a man out of her? Guess not.

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