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For decades 24 frames-per-second has been seen as the standard frame rate that filmmakers have chosen to shoot their films with. The reason that speed was chosen was because it was the slowest speed film could move through a projector without the human eye perceiving each individual cell separately, which allowed filmmakers to save money on expensive reels of film. This weekend, however, Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson will be working to buck the trend. His latest project, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, was actually made at 48fps, a decision that that has been causing controversy ever since. But how did Jackson himself first become aware of faster frame rates and their effect? Well, the answer is George Lucas and Disneyland.

iO9 recently attended a press conference for The Hobbit in New York and while talking about his decision to make the movie at a higher frame rate he revealed that one of his original inspirations was actually the 3D Star Tours ride that's featured at the Disney theme park. "I had seen a couple of high frame rate movies," Jackson said when asked about his history with the format. After reminiscing about watching a "tourist video" in 48 when he was young and growing up in New Zealand, he talked about the Disney attraction's influence, saying, "I remember going to Disneyland and seeing the Star Tours ride that George Lucas did, which is a high frame rate. You're speeding in the Star Wars spaceship." He also added that his work on King Kong: 360 3-D at Universal Studios also had an impact on him, "I just thought wow, this is so cool. I wish we could do a feature film like this."

There has been plenty of controversy surrounding The Hobbit in 48fps, and it won't be available in all areas, but do you plan on hunting down a screening in the format just so that you can have the experience? Or are you happy going to see the movie in 24fps? Let us know in the comments below!

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