The Host Clip Shows Dancing In The Rain And Romance

The latest clip for Andrew Niccol's upcoming feature adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's The Host (opens in new tab) gives us a look at stars Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons and Chandler Canterbury as they share what appears to be a very human moment on an alien-occupied planet, dancing in the rain. This eventually turns to a private, affectionate moment between Ronan's Melanie and Irons' Jared.

Vague plot spoilers from the book ahead!

The story is set in a world that's been invaded by bodysnatching aliens called Souls. Ronan's character Melanie is eventually captured and inhabited by a Soul called Wanderer. Part of the story involves Wanderer attempting to tap into Melanie's memories in an effort to find what's left of the human resistance, and in the process, she comes to understand love. Between the subject matter of the clip, which involves Melanie sharing a very happy moment with her brother Jamie and her boyfriend Jared, and the occasionally-blurry, occasionally-echoey nature of the video, it seems like there's a good chance we're looking at one of Melanie's memories, as Wanderer sees it, in the above clip. Sort of like a flashback, but one that may have been intentionally fed to Wanderer as Melanie tries to connect with and influence the alien that's controlling her body. Or maybe it's part of Melanie's introduction before she's captured.

There's been no shortage of promotional content for Open Road's film ahead of its release later this month. The clip follows a couple of other clips from the film, one of which shows Melanie/Wanderer with Melanie's Uncle Jeb, and another that shows the scene that leads to her being captured. Another recent video focuses a bit more on Melanie and Jared's relationship, and there's also one that looks at Andrew Niccol's vision for the sci-fi setting.

The Host arrives March 29. In addition to Ronan, Irons and Canterbury, the film stars Diane Kruger, William Hurt and Jake Abel.

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