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Earlier this summer, Pixar told the story of a young woman determined to change her fate. The theme of a daughter on the verge of adulthood seems to be a common thread between Brave and Columbia Picture's animated film Hotel Transylvania, as evidenced by this new clip for the movie.

Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, Hotel Transylvania follows Drecula (Adam Sandler) as he runs a fancy resort where monsters and their families can relax and enjoy being monsters, away from those pesky humans. That changes when a human stumbles upon the hotel during the weekend of Dracula's daughters' 118th birthday celebration.

The clip below (via Moviefone) gives us a look at a conversation between Dracula and his daughter (Selena Gomez).

She does a pretty solid Dracula impersonation, and her ceiling-pacing is top notch. As for Dracula's response to her request, the yes seemed to come a little to easily. In fact, she never even got her question out before he was saying yes. Is there a catch? With the arrival of a human, it seems the world is coming to Mavis in the form of Jonathan (Andy Samberg).

Hotel Transylvania arrives in theaters September 21. Catch the trailer for the film here and find more information and photos in our Blend Film Database.

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