Hollywood is a business. It doesn't always feel that way because we know many of the specific players and the industry's sole purpose is ultimately to try and please the general public. Deep down, however, making movies is still a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Budgets often require nine digits. Thousands of people are typically employed in making just one of them come to fruition, and the general outlines have to be worked out months and months in advance in order to pull everything off. Studios are run like Fortune 500 movie companies, probably because many of them are, and at no point is that clearer than after a movie star dies.

Over the weekend, Paul Walker tragically passed away in a car accident following a charity event. His loss was greeted with shock, and almost immediately, tributes to the fallen actor began popping up, as well as a stream of what-ifs related to his loss. Considering how many smiles he brought to people's faces, he deserves all of that and more, but a few days later, the emotions in Hollywood are starting to give way to some cold hard practicalities, mainly centered around one question.

What does this mean for Fast & Furious 7? Production will reportedly go on hiatus, at least briefly. Rumors are swirling that Walker may have shot most of his scenes but with a few still outstanding, it's unclear how production will proceed. Rewrite the screenplay to incorporate what happened? Use computers to insert his face into a few scenes? Make what's already been shot work? Some big decisions need to be made because there's more than one hundred million dollars at stake.

In the past, movies have attempted a wide variety of different things to make up for an actor's loss. None of them were ever able to completely make up for the star's passing, but some were still able to produce a final product that played like a final tribute to the fallen actor. Here's a look back at some of those prior situations and what route producers ultimately picked…

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