Between the years of 1999 and 2001, Paul Walker was the coolest dude in the world. Like a young Sean Connery with blonde hair and less acting ability, he was somehow able to set up camp in that tiny space at the center of the Venn Diagram where male and female approval overlap. He had it all. Lots of women loved him because he was devastatingly handsome in a very non-threatening way, and lots of dudes loved him because he came across like a football-playing, shot-pounding, car-racing every man who just so happened to look like a model. His appeal was pretty much all across the board.

Because of those good looks and his appeal to the younger demographic, it was easy for many to write off Walker during the last decade or so of his life. It was easy to say he was just a pretty face that won the genetic lottery, but the truth is Southern California is filled with beautiful people. Damn near every host or hostess within a thirty mile radius of Beverly Hills probably would have been the hottest person you went to high school with. Walker rose to the top of that crowd because he had charisma behind his eyes and his perfectly symmetrical face. When he walked into a room, everyone turned because he radiated confidence and poise. Besides, why the hell should someone ever have to apologize for being too handsome? Every guy should be so lucky to have to offer up I'm-sorrys about that.

Thanks to the actor's tragic death, there are hundreds of obituaries on the Internet praising his talent and his ability to carry an action franchise. Those are obviously notable traits, but for the purpose of this article, we're going to instead celebrate what we'll all actually remember about Walker: his devastating good looks and the cooler-than-this-shit vibe that often wafted off his person.

So, in honor of that charming smile and shit-eating-grin, here are 5 great moments in Paul Walker handsomeness….

Knocked A Can Off A Dude's Head In Varsity Blues
I don't know Paul's parents. Therefore, I'm going to assume he was the byproduct of a one night stand between a teenage Christie Brinkley and then Oakland Raiders quarterback Kenny Stabler. That would explain why he throws such a tight spiral and still manages to look like he's in the middle of a Calvin Kline commercial while doing it. Bonus point to Walker for going through Varsity Blues as the rival quarterback to our hero and still somehow coming off as decent and likable.

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