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With football season upon us Disney has unveiled a pigskin-themed promo for their upcoming animated adventure Big Hero 6. But aside from some lame attempts at topicality, this teaser gives us a look at some of the non-Baymax protagonists of this superhero ensemble.

The most unexpected expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be this family friendly adaptation of Big Hero 6. Disney gave a cuddly makeover to the caring robot Baymax to make the must-have toy of the season. (Well, he may have stiff competition in Dancing Groot.) So understandably, much of Big Hero 6's early marketing has focused on this adorable bubble of a bot and his boy genius inventor Hiro. However, the brief but fun bit of video above finally gives a look at his cohorts in action.

First up, a look at kaiju cosplay enthusiast turn hero, Fred. Here we see him suiting up.

 Big Hero 6

Here we see him wiping out.

Big Hero 6

Then tough girl GoGo Tamago and her magnetic discs of damage get a moment in the spotlight.

Big Hero 6

Regrettably, Honey Lemon and Wasabi don't get much to do in this too-short teaser. But we get to see the whole group huddle up in costume in this ad.

Big Hero 6

And on a special Facebook post, we see them huddled up out of costume!


Big Hero 6 opens November 7th.

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