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For every story, there is an equal and opposite retraction. You just can’t believe anything you read these days. For instance director Guillermo Del Toro told the BBC a few days ago that Hugo Weaving would reprise his role as Elrond in The Hobbit, unfortunately Guillermo forgot to tell Hugo.

Weaving spoke with Moviehole earlier today and told them, “I knew that if and when it happened I’d get a call and we’d chat about it, but I haven’t spoken to anyone about it.” So yeah maybe they should, you know, ask him if he wants the job.

If they do ask him, it’s entirely likely that he’ll take the part. Weaving clearly states that just because he hasn’t been asked doesn’t mean he won’t be doing it. In fact he seems pretty positive about the whole thing, including the LOTR franchise’s new director, who, really ought to pick up Galadriel’s mirror and give Elrond a ring.

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