The Impressive Box Office Record Zootopia Just Pulled Off

Just because it’s been months since Zootopia wowed audiences, doesn’t mean the film is quite done setting records. The movie, which has proven that slow and steady wins the race, never saw the massive opening weekend that a movie like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice received, yet, it’s become the second highest global grossing movie of the year so far, behind only the juggernaut that is Captain America: Civil War. However, in addition to that, Zootopia has joined some other elite company as well. It has achieved $1 billion in business at the international box office, something only slightly more than two dozen films have ever done, and it’s only the fourth animated film to reach the goal.

Needless to say, $1 billion is a lot of tickets sold. It just goes to show how well the film has resonated with fans. At one point, Zootopia actually fell behind Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which was released a few weeks later, but as Zootopia’s numbers remained more consistent over a longer period of time, it actually jumped back in front after the excitement over Dawn of Justice died down. While a few movies, like Captain America: Civil War or Star Wars: The Force Awakens can achieve the $1 billion mark quickly, in most cases getting there means achieving long term success. Here are the other three animated films to reach the milestone.

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In 2010, Pixar’s Toy Story 3 successfully achieved a total of $1.063 billion. It was the culmination of a trilogy, and the property most associated with the Pixar brand. Coming, as it did, 15 years after the original, an entire generation of movie fans had grown up with Buzz and Woody and they spent their hard earned money to see how the story ended. That was before we learned that the story wasn’t quite over yet. Toy Story 4 will be along in a couple years.

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At $1.159 billion, Minions' popularity was probably something of a surprise. The Despicable Me sidekicks were surely fun characters, and endlessly merchandisable, but most probably didn’t expect the little yellow spinoff movie to be quite as successful as it was. It very nearly cracked the global box office top 10, however, only one animated film has been able to do that.

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If you didn’t know that Frozen was at the top of this list, then you haven’t been paying attention. At $1.276 billion, Frozen is the number nine movie of all time, according to box office receipts. This movie saw such support over the long term that it’s still having an impact on the cultural landscape. Anna and Elsa aren’t just characters they’re icons. Can Judy Hopps join them in their elite status? Has she, already?

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