If you don't know who Armando Iannucci is yet, then you've clearly been depriving yourself of the flat-out best comedy of last year, the British political farce In The Loop. I promise I'm not exaggerating when I say it's the best satire since Dr. Strangelove, and that after that I'll follow writer-director Iannucci anywhere, even back into the murky thicket of British politics.

It's not clear whether or not we'll need to learn the difference between the Tories and the Liberal Democrats for Iannucci's next project, but we do know that it's happening-- Variety reports that BBC Films will be financing the $20 million comedy Out the Window, which Iannucci is writing along with Roger Drew Will Smith (not that one; this guy wrote the TV series "The Thick of It" with Iannucci as well). The comedy is scheduled for a 2011 release in the UK, and hopefully we can count on it coming this way not long after that. I know In the Loop didn't exactly tear up the box office, but it did get an Oscar nomination for Adapted Screenplay, and hopefully that's enough to keep Iannucci's fan club members like me with a steady supply of his witty work.

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