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When it comes to the new Indiana Jones, everyone has had their doubts. Is Harrison Ford too old? Hell, is Steven Spielberg too old? Is the whole series played out? Does anyone even remember who Indiana Jones is? Can this guy compete against The Dark Knight this summer?

Now the first trailer for the movie has debuted, and if it doesn’t put to rest all of your fears about the movie, well, you must not have been all that excited to begin with. Granted, the first half is spent recapping all of Indy’s earlier adventures, with the Ark and the Holy Grail and the Goblet of Fire… oh wait, wrong hero. Anyway, around the one minute mark we stop to pause on the fedora, and as soon as Indy puts it on his head and the grand John Williams score starts up, we’re back in business.

You can see the full trailer below, thanks to Yahoo! Movies. Look out for a badass Cate Blanchett, sporting a serious Louise Brooks bob, and a brief appearance from Shia LaBeouf, who could still potentially wreck the whole franchise (mostly kidding). There’s also a very brief shot of a box marked Roswell, New Mexico. Given the recent rumors about aliens playing a role in the movie, it’s looking pretty likely that Indy will give Mulder and Scully a run for their paranormal money.

In conclusion: Woo hoo! Where are you, May 22, and can you come sooner?

Watch it in high-res formats here.