Indy 4 Script: Lucas Approved

I guess I have to talk about this, and probably should have done so already. Indiana Jones 4 is two-thirds of the way to getting made. Of course, it’s been there before.

Last time they had a completed script from Frank Darabont, that reportedly both Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford loved and were ready to make. George Lucas read it, hated it, and killed it.

Well, according to Variety they’re at it again, this time with a script from Jeff Nathanson. Nathanson has worked with Spielberg before, he’s credited with the screenplays for both The Terminal and Catch Me If You Can. His Indy 4 script has gotten the greenlight from both Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, but awaits response from Harrison Ford. All three must sign off on it before the thing can actually be used to make something. Ford isn’t holding off because he doesn’t like it, reportedly he just hasn’t read it yet. At his age it’ll take awhile, since he uses a magnifying glass and has to squint. I guess he could just have his nurse Calista read it. She’s still around right?

Should Ford give it his approval, exactly when they’d start shooting remains a huge question. Director Steven Spielberg’s schedule for 2006 is already pretty booked, since he’s headed to Europe to shoot his Munich Olympics terrorist flick and then has an Abraham Lincoln film with Liam Neeson ready to go shortly thereafter. If my math is right, that’d make Harrison roughly twice as old as Yoda by the time he puts back on his Indy hat. With Lucas on board, it might be easier to simply recast the character as a wizened green Jedi. After Stepford Wives, Frank Oz isn’t busy.