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There are a number of key elements you need in a Jack Reacher story. A juicy crime swirled in convoluted motives. An intelligent adversary for our anti-hero. And a hulking mass of a human weapon for the lead character, Reacher. Instead, we get Tom Cruise, which I’ll try to keep an open mind about as we get ready for the first adaptation of Lee Child’s best-selling fiction series.

All of the rest of those factors can be found in this Japanese trailer for Christopher McQuarrie’s Jack Reacher, which Paramount plans to release in the States on Dec. 21. Given the fact that the story is pulled from Child’s book One Shot, this trailer finally sets up the sniper misdirection that drives the narrative, so we get a lot more footage at the beginning of the clip … followed by scenes you’ve likely seen of Cruise in ass-kicking mode. The trailer was posted in YouTube, and shared below:

I’d like to know what the Japanese narrator is saying, though I think you can basically figure out what’s being established. A gifted sniper has been accused of murdering multiple people. He needs help, and he closes his eyes, wishes for “Reacher,” then poof, the hero arrives! OK, it’s not that simple. In Child’s novel, Reacher is a wanderer who happens to stumble into criminal situations while on his travels. He’s ex-military, and often the smartest guy in the room. He’s also a gifted brawler who’s rarely outmatched in any physical confrontation. That’s where Child fans balk a bit at Cruise in the role, thanks to his diminished stature. But Cruise has Child’s blessing for the part, so fans of the books (myself included) are going to have to hope that McQuarrie and Cruise get to the brutal tone of the excellent Reacher stories. The movie’s on its way. What do you think of this new trailer?

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