As you might remember from yesterday when I posted a brief video of Robert Downey Jr., the interviews held for Iron Man 3 before the Marvel panel at Comic Con were a bit of a zoo. And yet, I was lucky enough to get a little bit more up close and personal with Shane Black, the writer and director of Iron Man 3, and Kevin Feige, the Marvel Studios co-chair who pretty much holds the entire Marvel cinematic universe in his hands. Neither were willing to talk about the projects they would announce at the panel, including Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy. But they did talk about expanding Iron Man 3 to a more global scale, about Tony Stark's return to Malibu after the destruction of Stark Tower, and Black's move into directing action after so much time just writing action scenes. Take a look below.

Then there was a much more chaotic opportunity to catch up with Don Cheadle, in which he talked about what's up with War Machine and promises that Iron Man 3 is "wall to wall action." You can take a look at that video below, though fair warning, you may have to strain to hear the audio.

And that does it for our coverage of the Iron Man 3 red carpet-- you can read all the juicy details from the Hall H panel presentation here-- but believe it or not, there's still more Comic Con coverage left to come! If it's more Iron Man 3 news you're looking for, though, take a look at this brand new set photo, and an intriguing theory about what it might mean.

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