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Iron Man 3 Super Bowl Spot Takes To The Air And Suggests A Major Character Death

The scene of Iron Man rescuing stranded passenger from a downed government airplane was one of the first scenes from Iron Man 3 that got spoiled by set photos, so smartly, it's now become the focus of the movie's Super Bowl spot. Watch Iron Man arrive in the air and figure out how to rescue 13 passengers when he can only carry 4:

This is just the thirty-second spot that aired during the game, but an extended, minute and a half spot also debuted at the film's Facebook page and you can watch that embedded below. It's amazing how much they can do with a very, very long shot of Robert Downey Jr. looking intense with his goatee and mustache.

A lot of this footage has been featured in the trailers before, and it's now clear that we'll be seeing Tony's Malibu house blown up more than a few times between now and the movie's May 3 release. Looking closely at this trailer, it seems that Tony will be suffering a loss even more personal than his house-- isn't that Happy Hogan, the assistant played by Jon Favreau, lying on the ground with him? Is it possible that, now that Favreau isn't directing the film, he's being given the opportunity to send his character off with a big death scene?

We'll only find out for sure when Iron Man 3 kicks off the summer movie season in May. For everything else you need to know about the movie, click here.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend