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I don't mean to crush anybody's dreams, but the truth of the matter is that we as a society are still pretty far away from seeing anything quite like the armor seen in Marvel Studios' Iron Man movies. Some of the tech does exist in less evolved forms - like exoskeleton armor, for example - most of it is completely non-existent, from the suit's ability to fly to the arc reactor that powers the whole thing. But while we may never get to see a fully-functional Iron Man suit in our lifetimes, at the very least fans can make their own tech inspired by the superhero.

Giant Freakin Robot has picked up a video from laser enthusiast Patrick Priebe that shows off a very cool Iron Man-styled gauntlet with moving pieces, working lights, and, most impressively, a targetable high-powered laser that can, at the very least, take care of any pesky latex balloons you may have floating around your house. Check out a video exploring the cool new tool below.

Priebe may not be the world's greatest cinematographer, but that is one damn cool device he has there. I'm not entirely sure how it can actually be put to good use, but I certainly would respect any person who had one of those mounted on a shelf. Certainly an example of fandom at its finest.

To see more of Priebe's work, which includes some ridiculously cool stuff, head over to his YouTube channel and for more about him check out his site.

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