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James Cameron Admits Battle Angel Takes A Backseat To His Avatar Sequels

James Cameron always has irons in the fire. He might wait years between his features, but he has options pulling him in various directions, and he usually lets advancements in technology dictate which path he chooses to take. But according to an interview Cameron gave to MTV, his commitment to Avatar and its promised sequels means he has to let one of those “irons” drop out of the proverbial fire, and that’s Battle Angel. Listen for yourself below:

The way Cameron explains it, the broader messages of Avatar and the awareness it brings to mankind’s relationship with nature are far more important than the “great, kick-ass story” he came up with for Battle Angel. Years ago, before Avatar, Cameron was ready to make a live-action adaptation of the iconic manga story Battle Angel Alita, about an amnesic cyborg. It pulls threads from so many modern stories (which actually drew their inspiration from Alita, no doubt), from Terminator and I, Robot to i>The Hunger Games.

In the interview, Cameron admits that he almost dove down this wormhole instead of Avatar. But when asked if he’ll turn the project over to another filmmaker, he hedges his bets and says it will have to be removed from his cold, dead hands. What do you think? Can Cameron produce/advise on a Battle Angel adaptation while he rebuilds Pandora for Avatar sequels? Or would you rather wait a decade for him to conclude the Avatar franchise, then try Alita in the distant future?

Sean O'Connell

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