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In the recent New York Times piece about James Cameron taking over 2500 acres of farmland in New Zealand as he prepares to start making his Avatar sequels, there is a pair of hilarious anecdotes. The film industry in New Zealand, of course, was defined by local boy Peter Jackson, who made three Lord of the Rings films and two Hobbit films and employed thousands of New Zealanders in the process. He also, true to the country's form, was exceedingly polite, to the point that when the brand-new crew wasn't sure who was supposed to bring him tea and gave him cups constantly throughout the day, Jackson politely drank them instead of speaking up.

James Cameron's notable tea-related anecdote? The time he knocked over a tea cart in frustration while dealing with the British crew on Aliens.

But Cameron is settling into New Zealand for better or for worse, promising to maintain the farmland on his new acreage but also closing down the wedding hall used by many locals, claiming "that's going to be my workshop." And though a big part of the reason for his movie is the chance to work with New Zealand film crews, claiming Los Angeles crews are "jaded," Cameron won't be rushing into production in the Avatar sequels any time soon. As suggested by producer Jon Landau earlier this year, Avatar 2 won't be ready until at least 2015, which well exceeds the 2014 date Fox had counted on a few years ago. But with plans to use both Weta Digital for effects and the Wellington production studio where The Hobbit was recently filmed, Cameron will be using the best of what New Zealand has to offer when the time comes-- if he can handle all the tea-drinking, that is.

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