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If you got excited about the prospect of seeing another new James Cameron movie within the next 5 years or so, based on the news that he was developing a new script, hold your horses. MTV caught up with the man himself at the red carpet premiere of Avatar in London, and he's only planning to produce the new project-- and it's not what you think.

The Shane Salerno script that Cameron is producing is apparently a remake of The Fantastic Voyage, the 1966 film in which a team of doctors and explorers shrink themselves down to microscopic size in order to enter a diplomat's body, perform surgery on a blood clot, and save his life. No details on when he plans to make it or exactly how fantastic it will be this time, but come on, this is Cameron-- he has apparently once again revolutionized special effects with Avatar, and now that he's perfected underwater and outer space camera technology, it's on to the human body!

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