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James Cameron is supposed to be working on two new science fiction movies, but that doesn't mean he's done obsessing over the ocean. Variety reports that he's just signed a deal with Rogue Pictures to co-write and produce a live-action drama about a deep-sea diving.

The movie will be shot using the high definition 3-D technology Cameron perfected while floating around for years in a submarine post-Titanic. They're calling it James Cameron's Sanctum, and it's the story of a father and son headed dive team deep in uncharted depths when a life-threatening crisis occurs.

Cameron will get his co-writing credit by rewriting a completed script by screenwriter John Garvin. He'll then turn the directors reigns over to perennial PBS director Gary Johnstone, hopefully leaving himself enough time to actually get something done on either Avatar or Battle Angel.

Seriously James, we love you, but we're all getting a little tired of this underwater realism crap. Cameron hasn't directed a real movie since Titanic, let's hope this isn't another delay in him getting back to it, but rather just a chance for him to show off his cool 3-D cameras.