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There have been multiple franchises that have made the decision to shoot sequels back-to-back in order to cut down on time between releases. We've seen it before in franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean, The Matrix and Back To The Future, where parts two and three were pushed together, but only once before has a series chosen to shoot three movies back-to-back and that was Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy. Well, now it looks like Jackson will be sharing that record with James Cameron.

Showbiz 411 recently caught up with Sigourney Weaver who let slip that there are current plans to shoot Avatar 2, 3 and 4 back-to-back. Previous reports, going back to 2010, have said that Cameron wanted to film parts two and three together, but this is the first time that the third sequel has entered the equation. It's worth noting that Weaver's comments about the franchise are featured as only a blurb at the top of a larger story about the new USA Network miniseries Political Animals, so it's possible that the actress was just speaking off the cuff. Regardless of how many movies will be shooting at one time, however, it's still likely going to be a while until we see the next Avatar movie. In January producer Jon Landau was quoted saying that the first sequel is still about four years away.

While I know Avatar fans are desperate to be transported back to the world of Pandora, I do wonder if this is the best idea for the franchise. The script was easily the weakest part of the first movie, and if Cameron is busy thinking about three movies at the same time the story may suffer even worse as a result. My only hope is that Cameron is using this time between productions to develop a really strong screenplay that will be worthy of the brilliant technology and amazing visuals that he brought to the big screen in December 2009.