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When the news hit yesterday that James Cameron had brought on Shutter Island writer Laeta Kalogridis to touch up the screenplay for Fox's Fantastic Voyage remake, it seemed likely the Cameron-produced project was moving quickly toward an actual existence, after years of starts and stops in development. Now Deadline confirms the hunch, writing that the Fantastic Voyage gig is "the big directing job," and that Cameron is eyeing Louis Leterrier in particular to take it.

Leterrier's last film Clash of the Titans grossed nearly half a billion worldwide despite being a complete and utter mess, and if I weren't a Cameron apologist I would make some crack about how Cameron relates to him, but Avatar was a legitimately good movie so shut up. Anyway, the production team is hard at work putting the pieces together in time for an early 2011 shoot, and Leterrier isn't all that busy-- he shirked the duties of directing Clash of the Titans 2 (good call) and aside from eyeing a disaster movie project called Gravity (unrelated to the Alfonso Cuaron one) and practically begging for a while there to direct The Avengers, he hasn't set up any plans for more work.

As previously mentioned I'm a Cameron apologist, so I'm gonna look forward to a movie this silly-- even with a silly director like Leterrier-- no matter what logic should tell me otherwise. Plus as a survivor of the "Body Wars" game at EPCOT, where you are put on a Fantastic Voyage-esque adventure of shrinking down and traveling within a person's body, I'm kind of eager to replicate the experience without debilitating motion sickness.

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